IMG_1478Hi there, welcome to my site! My name is Samantha and I am trying my best to make it through this life thriving instead of merely surviving. My goal is to share any tips and insights I experience first hand with you, so we can all thrive together!

Around the age of 25, years of not paying attention to what I put into or onto my body caught up to me as I began experiencing minor injuries as well as a serious bacteria infection. From that point forward, I became determined to learn everything I could about all of the toxins in our food, air, household products, skin care products and so forth. It is alarming. As I have been experimenting with all sorts of health care products, mindfulness methods and recipes for the past few years, I had the idea in June 2015 to create a website to share my findings.

2015 was a year marking a devastating turning point in my life. My Mom, Linda, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2014 while I was living in France. After moving back to New Jersey to process this impending loss and be present with my Mom, any sense of balance I had worked so hard to achieve was completely destroyed. My free-spirited, kind, silly, creative Mom, “got her wings” in September 2015. Each day is a struggle to keep the hope and faith that things will be OK without my Mom here to remind me of that. 2016 finally arrived and closed out a year that hurts my heart to think about. From the pain came the motivation to re-open the idea of creating this site. So, I started with writing about losing my Mom, to help heal my own heart and maybe even yours.  Through this site, I am able to express myself creatively through writing and photography (the majority of the photos posted are those I have snapped).

I hope you will become the creator of your own life and find ways to experience joy in this one, short life. The key is to discover and develop your inner chi, which is your life force/energy, that will help heal you physically and emotionally as you learn how to access  this unlimited source of energy. We truly are the authors of our lives; you didn’t get to write your beginning but you do get to write your ending. What will your story be?